Commercial Auto Insurance Miami, FL

Business liability insurance can protect your business from costly financial damages that result from common workplace accidents, but it won’t cover business-related auto accidents. For that, you’ll need a commercial auto insurance policy.

Commercial auto insurance can help cover costs after you or an employee is involved in an auto accident while driving a company-owned vehicle. Speak with an NSI Insurance agent today to learn more about commercial auto insurance in Miami and the surrounding areas—and get a personalized quote!



Why NSI?

With over 60 years of experience in the insurance industry, NSI Insurance is committed to helping Miami area residents and business owners find the insurance policies they need to protect themselves from significant financial damages.

Our knowledgeable insurance agents have the experience and connections necessary to help you find a personalized commercial auto policy that meets your needs and budgetary requirements.


What Does Commercial Auto Insurance Cover?

Commercial auto insurance can help cover the costs when you or an employee is involved in an auto accident that causes injuries or property damage to other people. A typical commercial auto insurance policy covers:

  • Medical payments for you, your employees, and your passengers
  • Vehicle damage
  • Property damage
  • Costs resulting from an auto accident caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver

Depending on the specifics of your policy, your policy may also cover borrowed vehicles, rented vehicles, and employee vehicles used for business purposes.


What Types of Vehicles are Covered?

Different policies cover different types of vehicles. These may include:

  • Cars
  • Pickup trucks
  • Semi-trucks
  • Tractor-trailers
  • Vans
  • Food trucks
  • Utility trucks

Certain types of vehicles, like tractor-trailers and semi-trucks, are not covered by some insurers, as they are considered higher-risk than standard business vehicles.

Commercial Auto Insurance FAQs

Have any more questions? Here are our answers to a few of the most common questions we receive from our customers regarding commercial auto insurance in Miami, FL:

How much does it cost?

Your commercial auto insurance rates are dependent on factors such as your occupation, coverage limits, type of vehicle, number of vehicles, number of drivers, driving history, and more. Our insurance agents will work with you to find a policy that fits your budget without sacrificing necessary coverages.

Does commercial umbrella insurance cover auto accidents?

Commercial umbrella insurance policies typically do cover business-related auto accidents, but only if your claim exceeds the limits of your existing commercial auto insurance policy. Commercial umbrella insurance serves as supplemental coverage. It is not a replacement for business auto or liability insurance.

Does commercial auto insurance cover personal vehicle use?

Yes, commercial auto insurance covers any vehicle you or your employees use for both personal and business purposes, regardless of whether or not the vehicle is owned by the business or the employee.

Are vehicles used for rideshare covered?

No. If you are using your vehicle for rideshare or food delivery services like Uber or Grubhub, you will need a rideshare insurance policy, not commercial auto insurance

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Commercial auto insurance is a necessity for any company that regularly uses vehicles for business purposes. This type of policy can protect your business from significant financial damages in case of an accident.

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